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Downloading of Mt. Fuji, Fuji Five Lakes MAP is this

Sightseeing train to enjoy the view of splendid Mt. Fuji
Fujikyuko Line “Fuji Tozan Densha”(limited seating)

Fujikyu Call Center TEL:0555-73-8181(7:30~20:00)

It is a sightseeing train running between Otsuki and Kawaguchiko.
Passengers can enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji and rich nature along the line while feeling the warmth of wood inside the car. Sightseeing information is given by a conductor.
※ Seat ticket is needed (200 yen for adult or child) in addition to a basic ticket. ※ Advance reservation is necessary. Please call the call center for reservation
Official site here

The Saiko Line is in operation in addition to the popular Kawaguchiko Line
Retro Bus Omnibus

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map D-2~C-2 TEL:0555-72-6877

These popular, eye-catching buses are convenient for sightseeing. From Kawaguchiko Station, the Kawaguchiko route goes around Lake Kawaguchiko, and the Saiko route is good for a round tour of Lake Saiko. Two-day passes are available.

Panoramic view of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko! Three-minute walk in the sky!
TenjoYama Park Mt.kachi kachi Ropeway

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map D-2 TEL:0555-72-0363

The view from the Mt.Kachi-Kachi Ropeway observatory of “the World Heritage Mt. Fuji” which foot looks like spread wings is a mustsee.

Viewing Mt. Fuji from the European style boat
Lake Kawaguchiko Pleasure Cruiser “En Soleil”

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map D-2 TEL:0555-72-0029

With an image of a boat floating on a lake in Europe, the ship has a classical appearance and comfortably wide space inside which benches, tables, and sofas are installed.

Touring around major spot in Oshino Hakkai・Lake Yamanakako area

Fujikawaguchiko T.・Oshino V.
・Yamanakako V. Map E-3~F-4

It is a tour-around bus which is convenient for sightseeing for Oshino Hakkai and Lake Yamanakako area from Fujisan Station.
Two-day passes are available.

Elegantly circle around Lake Yamanakako
Lake Yamanakako Pleasure Cruiser “Swan Lake”

Yamanakako V. Map F-4 TEL:0555-62-0130

It is a swan-shaped sightseeing boat. Please enjoy a cruise with the view of a beautiful Lake Yamanakako and a splendid Mt. Fuji.
Official site here

Submarine-shaped cruising boat on Lake Motosuko
Lake Motosuko Pleasure Cruiser “Moguran!”

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map A-3 TEL:0555-72-0029

There are windows inside the boat that allow passengers to look underwater. It feels like you are in a submarine!
Official site here

Early morning operation between May 2 and Nov 15 (bus).
Praying to deities of Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji Sunrise Bus


The bus leaves the bottom early in the morning for the fth station of Mt. Fuji,and visitors walk to the observatory located at 2,305 meters above sea level. Itis a tour to worship the sunrise from a distance in the fresh air.