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To meet something new is exciting. There are a lot of places in Fujigoko area to gratify your curiosity.

Downloading of Mt. Fuji, Fuji Five Lakes MAP is this

Learn about Mt. Fuji. Learn about Japan Fujisan Museum

Fujiyoshida City MapE-3 TEL:0555-24-2411

It was renewed in Apr, 2015. The museum utilizes the latest technology such as projection mapping technology to introduce Mt. Fuji in an enjoyable way. Visitors will thoroughly learn the attractiveness of Mt. Fuji. Official site here

Introducing the history of the typhoon observations Mt. Fuji Radar Dome Museum

Fujiyoshida City Map E-3 TEL:0555-20-0223

Mt. Fuji radar, which had played an important role as a bulwark of the typhoons has been reborn as an experience learning facility. Its great performance is introduced using the graphic panels and the room, which can experience the cold weather of the summit of Mt. Fuji.

A water and forest theme park near Oshino Hakkai Sakana Park

Oshino V. Map E-3 TEL:0555-84-7261

“Fuji Spring Water Aquarium” tells everything about fish living in ponds and rivers. “Educational Museum of Forest” is a place for handicrafts. Go to “Grass Field Park” if you want to play in the forest. How about spending a whole day with fish?

Explore the fascination of literature through the woods Yamanakako Forest Park of Literature

Yamanakako V. Map F-5 TEL:0555-20-2655

This quiet park is surrounded by nature of approx. 87,000 square meters with the scent of literature. Poem monuments of writers and haiku poets who are related to Lake Yamanakako are on the path. There are a lot of valuable materials in “Tokutomi Soho Museum” and “Mishima Yukio Literary Museum.” Official site here

“Climbing entrance for knowledge and interests” for Mt. Fuji. Narusawa Mt. Fuji Museum

Narusawa V. Map C-3 TEL:0555-20-5600

It is located in Road Station Narusawa, a village of Mother Nature spreading at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The museum to explain about nature and history of Mt. Fuji was renovated and reopened with latest technology. Official site here

Appealing the coexistence of nature and human Mount Fuji Research Institute, Yamanashi Prefectural Government

Fujiyoshida City MapD-3 TEL:0555-72-6211

A corner of the institute is open to the public to learn about environment, recycle, and eco-life with videos and games. In the ecology observation garden, wild birds, plants, and lava tree mold can be observed. Official site here

Japan, the country to cultivate many lives Biodiversity Center of Japan

Fujiyoshida City Map D-3 TEL:0555-72-6031

There are many different creatures living on the earth, and Japan is blessed with a diverse ecosystems and distinctive animals and plants. The importance of preserving nature is explained simply by videos, panels, and specimens. Official site here