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Beer brewed with Mt. Fuji subsoil water, Yoshida’s chewy noodles, and more. There are many specialty foods in the area.

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Recommended plan for enjoying Mt. Fuji climbing.

Two-day and one-night・Staying at a mountain hut・Praying to the rising sun at mountain hut

Staying at a mountain hut around the 7th~8th station, and climb for the summit after praying to the rising sun.Climb in a slow pace and arrive at a mountain hut around the 7th~8th station by 17:00 and stay for overnight. Pray to the rising sun at a mountain hut next morning. The rising sun is just as beautiful as the summit. If you are not particularly concerned about the rising sun at the summit, this plan is recommended because it will easy for your body with enough sleep.

Enjoy the ancient history and nature. Yoshida guchi Climbing Trail

Fujiyoshida City MapE-3

In Edo Period when Mt. Fuji climbing by worshippers flourished, Yoshida guchi entrance (north entrance) was considered as the “main road” of Mt. Fuji climbing. There is an increase in people who climb the path from Kitaguchihongu Fuji Sengen-jinja Shrine to the fifth station confronting history of Mt. Fuji, whereas the standard style is “Going to the fifth station by car and climbing on foot for the summit of Japan’s highest mountain”.

Walk in the mine of alpine plants Mt. Fuji 5th Station(Ochudo-trail・Oniwa・Okuniwa)

Narusawa V. MapC-5

It is the highest forest limit of Mt. Fuji at the elevation of 2,200~2,400 meters. Japanese hemlock and larch, which have endured wind and rain for a long time are trailing. The landscape is like a garden created by nature.