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Downloading of Mt. Fuji, Fuji Five Lakes MAP is this

Entrance for the Fujigoko sightseeing
Michi-no-eki Fujiyoshida

Fujiyoshida City Map E-3 TEL:0555-21-1225

Highland vegetables and local products are sold in the large parking lot. “Fujizakura soft ice cream,” “Sendo Soba,” and “Oyaki” which can only bought here are very popular.

Let’s take a moment of break looking at Mt. Fuji
Michi-no-eki Narusawa

Fujiyoshida City Map C-3 TEL:0555-85-3900

It is located on the foot of Japan’s symbol, “Mt. Fuji,” at approximately 900 meter elevation. Fujiyoshida’s local specialty “Yoshida Udon” is served at the restaurant. At the local product shop, textile products, which is the center industry in the area and local agriculture and forestry products are sold. It is recommended to stop by as a base for Fujigoko sightseeing.
Official site here

Enjoying wonderful view of Lake Kawaguchiko
Michi-no-eki Katsuyama

Fujiyoshida City Map D-2 TEL:0555-72-5633

Locally produced vegetables, wild plants, and Suzu-bamboo craft which is a specialty of Katsuyama, and small plates from Fuji Lava Katsuyama Ceramic Art Center are sold at reasonable price. There are a lawn area called Koumi Park and lakeside promenade.

For information on the northern foot of Mt. Fuji
Fuji Visitor Center

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map D-3 TEL:0555-72-0259

There are a large multi-screen and exhibits to introduce Mt. Fuji and the vicinity. Foreign tourists are welcomed. There is a restaurant with a great view on the second floor and the observatory on the rooftop.

For information on Fujikawaguchiko area
Fujikawaguchiko Tourist Information Center

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map D-2 TEL:0555-72-6700

It is located on the east of Kawaguchiko Station. Visitors can obtain the complete information on Fujikawaguchiko area. Foreign tourists are welcomed.

For information on Fujiyoshida, Oshino, Yamanakako area
Fujiyoshida Tourism Information Center

Fujiyoshida City Map E-3 TEL:0555-22-7000

This information center is newly established in Fujikyuko Line Fujisan Station. There is a shopping center adjacent to the station. This will be the first choice to collect sightseeing information on Fujiyoshida area.

For information on Yamanakako area
1~2 minutes from Asahigaoka junction along the lakeshore road.

Yamanakako Tourist Information Center

Yamanakako V. Map F-5 TEL:0555-62-3100

It is a perfect spot to get sightseeing information while taking a short break. There are sightseeing spots and hotel information of Yamanakako in the file. Maps and sightseeing brochures are also available.


◎Fuji Hokuroku Parking Tourist Information Center【D-3 Fujiyoshida City】TEL:0555-72-9900 Available period:Apr~Nov
◎Hirano Minshuku Tourist Information Center【G-4 Yamanakako V.】TEL:0555-65-7070
◎Lake Motosuko Tourist Information Center【B-3 Fujikawaguchiko T.】TEL:0555-87-2518 Photos of Mt. Fuji are constantly exhibited.
◎Lake Shojiko Tourist Information Center【B-2 Fujikawaguchiko T.】TEL:0555-87-2651 (Shojiko Tourist Association)
◎Kanadorii Information Center【E-3 Fujiyoshida City】TEL:0555-24-8660 (Mt. Fuji General Information Office)