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Beer brewed with Mt. Fuji subsoil water, Yoshida’s chewy noodles, and more. There are many specialty foods in the area.

Downloading of Mt. Fuji, Fuji Five Lakes MAP is this

Known for firm noodles that each restaurant has its characteristics.
Yoshida Udon Noodles

All areas in Fujiyoshida City TEL:0555-21-1000

There are more than sixty noodle restaurants in the city, but firm homemade noodles and cabbage topping are typical style. The price is reasonable and worth a try.
Official site here

It is the taste of Yamanashi which was chosen as one of the hundred best local dishes
Houtou Noodles

All areas in Yamanashi Prefecture

It is one of the local dishes in Yamanashi, and flat wheat noodles are cooked with vegetables in Miso-based soup. The taste varies by the region. It is a powdered food culture which was developed by the history and climate.

Workshops for soba making with Oshino Hakkai spring are available
Oshino Soba Noodles

Oshino V. TEL:0555-84-4222

Thatched roofs and rural scenery spread out before your eyes.
Cultivated by great water from Mt. Fuji, perfect soba noodles have been made in Oshino. How about trying workshops for Soba, Udon,and Houtou makings? Yomogi Dango is also recommended.

A restaurant with local beer and gardening

Fujikawaguchiko T. MapD-3 TEL:0555-83-2236

The restaurant serves “Fujizakura Heights Beer” which was brewed with pure natural water from Mt. Fuji using the brewing technique in Germany. Please enjoy a drink in the greenhouse or on the terrace where you can eat with your pet dogs. It is adjacent to Fuji Subaru Land.
Official site here

Local beer brewery and restaurant
Fujiyama Beer / Harves Terrace

Fujiyoshida City MapE-3 TEL:0555-24-4800

The restaurant is located on National Highway 138 which connects Lake Kawaguchiko and Lake Yamanakako and proudly serves micro-beer brewed with Mt. Fuji subsoil water. Please enjoy three kinds of German beer: Pils, Weizen, and Dunkle, with delicious food.
Official site here