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From spring to fall, the foot of Mt. Fuji is covered with a variety of blooming flowers.
Please come and meet splendor of flowers

Downloading of Mt. Fuji, Fuji Five Lakes MAP is this

Covered with flowers all year round
Yamanakako Hana-no-Miyako Park

Yamanakako V. Map F-4 TEL:0555-62-5587

Lovely owers can be appreciated in any season of the year. Approximately
300,000 square meters area is covered with owers. There are “Seiryu-nosato” known for the triple waterwheel and “Floral Dome Furara”.
Official site here

The biggest in the metropolitan area.
Eighty roots of Shiba-sakura in the foot of Mt. Fuji
Shiba-sakura Festival (Moss Phlox)

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map B-4 TEL:0555-89-3031

Shiba-sakura is in full bloom, having the splendid Mt. Fuji with
remaining snow in its background.
Official site here

Around “Nakanochaya” on
Yoshida-guchi Mountain Trail in the foot of Mt. Fuji
Fujizakura Festival

Fujiyoshida City Map D-4 TEL:0555-21-1000

It is an appreciation event held when Fujizakura is in blossom.
Walk around the area and enjoy nature of Mt. Fuji.

Many Japanese Azaleas on lava plateau.
Narusawa Tsutsuji (Azalea) Festival

Narusawa V. Map C-3 TEL:0555-85-3900

Fifteen thousand Azaleas of approximately 2,500 roots growing naturally
around the “Road Station Narusawa” on National Highway 139 are
blooming from end of Apr and beginning of May. How about observing
while walking on the nature trail? Tsutsuji Festival starts in end of April.

There are 100,000 Ajisai (Japanese hydrangea) in the area
Tenjoyama Ajisai Park

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map D-2 TEL:0555-72-1115

Go to the observatory square by Mt.Kachi-Kachi Ropeway and
walk down on the hiking path for 15 minutes. There you’ll see a
carpet of Ajisai. The view of Mt. Fuji in front and Lake Kawaguchiko
below can be enjoyed. From middle of Jul to middle of Aug.

Wrapped up in the scent of lavender
Kawaguchiko Herb Festival

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map D-2 TEL:0555-72-3168

It is a great event held in the entire Kawaguchiko area, setting Yagisaki Park and Oishi Park as the main venues, from end of Jun to middle of Jul when the purple lavender is in bloom. Yagisaki Park is illuminated at night.

Mt. Fuj・i Fuji Goko Area Flower Calendar

There are unique flowers bloom in each season around the footage of Mt. Fuji. Let’s go out to see pretty and lovely flower scenes

【Cherry blossoms】Arakurayama Sengen Park (Chureito Pagoda)…Mid Apr~Late Apr the autumn season around the footage of Mt. Fuji.
【Cherry blossoms】Katsuyama Area・Fuji View Hotel,Fuji Omuro Sengen-jinja Shrine…Mid Apr~Late Apr
【Cherry blossoms】Kowaguchiko North Shore・Ubuyagasaki・Former Misaka Road…Mid Apr~Late Apr
【Cherry blossoms】Yamanakako・Hotel Mt. Fuji…Mid Apr~Late May
【Cherry blossoms】Oshino Village・Shinnashogawa River Omiya-bashi Bridge…Mid Apr~Late Apr
【Cherry blossoms】Fuji Kawaguchiko Town Nagahama Area…Late Apr
【Cherry blossoms】Motosuko・Shojiko Lakeshore…Late Apr
【Azalea】Michi-no-eki Narusawa…Late Apr~Late May
【Iris】Fujiyoshida City・Arakurayama Sengen Park (top of Fuji Panorama-dai)…Early Jun
【Fuji cherry blossoms】Fujiyoshida City・Yoshidaguchi Climbing Trail, around Nakanochaya Teahouse…Late Apr~Late May
【Fuji cherry blossoms】Yamanakako Village・Nashigahara, along N. Route 138…Late Apr~Late May
【Fuji cherry blossoms】Fuji kawaguchiko Town・Funatsuguchi Climbing Trail, around Sozo-no-mori…Late Apr~Late May
【Lavender】Kawaguchiko Yagisaki Park, Oishi ParkLate…Jun~Early Jul
【Rhododendron】Mt. Fuji 5th Station, around Ochudo (Oniwa, Okuniwa)…Mid Jul
【Hydrangea】Kawaguchiko Tenjoyama Ajisai Park…Mid Jul~Early Aug
【Sunflower】Oshino Village・Uchino aria…Mid Aug~Late Aug
【Cosmos】Oshino Village・Uchino aria…Mid Aug~Late Sep
【Hana-no-Miyako park】Yamanakako Village (Floral Dome opens whole year)…Early Apr~Early Oct
Tulip, Poppy, Sunflower, Zinnia, Cosmos, etc.