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Unique local festivals held seasonally.Plenty of nature at the foot of Mt. Fuji
and lively yet heart-warming taste will add glamour to your memories.

Downloading of Mt. Fuji, Fuji Five Lakes MAP is this

Historical and traditional event
Kai-no-Katsuyama Yabusame (Horseback Archery) Festival

Fujikawaguchiko T. MapD-2 TEL:0555-72-3168

 Apr 29 
It is the Takeda-ryu Yabusame-Shinji that has more than 900 years of history held on Apr 29 at Fuji Omuro Sengen-jinja Shrine. Shooting whistling arrows from a galloping horse just like a Sengoku picture is spectacular.

‘Real’ costumes and props
Motosu Kuge (Court Noble) Parade

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map B-3 TEL:0555-87-2518

 May 17 
The parade of people in colorful Kuge costumes is held on May 17 at Motosu Yama-jinja Shrine. It has been handed down in the Motosu district for approximately 300 years. It is said to have started in order to inspire young men in the area with martial spirit during the Takeda period.

Pre-opening Festival
Omichi Biraki and Chinowa Kuguri

Fujiyoshida City Map E-3 TEL:0555-21-1000

 Jun 30 

Climbing to the summit of Mt. Fuji
Start of Mt. Fuji climbing season

Mt.Fuji 5th Station Map D-5 TEL:0555-72-1266

Jul 1At sunrise on Jul 1, the portable shrine leaves Komitake-jinja Shrine at the 5th station of Mt. Fuji for the summit to pray for the safety of climbers. At Kitaguchihongu Fuji Sengen-jinja Shrine, Omichi Biraki ceremony is held in order to pray for the security of Yoshida-guchi Mountain Trail and the safety of climbers. Now, it’s time for Mt. Fuji climbing!!

Tempted by a grateful breeze
Annual Summer Festivals of the Fujigoko Area

There is a fireworks display every day at one of Fuji five lakes respectively between Aug 1st and 5th every year.

Aug 1 Yamanakako Hoko Festival・Fireworks
Aug 2 Saiko Ryugu Festival・Fireworks
Aug 3 Motosuko Sinko Festival・Fireworks
Aug 4 Shojiko Ryoko Festival・Fireworks
Aug 5 Kawaguchiko Kojo Festival・Fireworks

Known as one of the three most eccentric festivals in Japan
Yoshida Fire Festival

Fujiyoshida City Map E-3 TEL:0555-21-1000

It is a festival held at the end of the climbing season on Mt. Fuji,thanking for watching over the safety of Mt. Fuji climbing. It is a two-day festival; on Aug 26 (Chinkasai Festival) and on Aug 27(Susuki Festival). Big pine torches of three meters in height with a diameter of 80 cm are lit. It is just spectacular to see people carrying the Mt. Fuji-shaped portable shrine which weighs 1 ton.

The flame which rises in darkness
Oshino Hakkai Festival

Oshino Village Map F-3 TEL:0555-84-4222

 Aug 8 
It is a summer festival held on August 8 which is associated with Hakkai (8 lakes). The festival has a Shinto ritual worshipping Hachidai Ryuo, and Japanese drum performance, Bon dance, Hachimonji-yaki, and laser light fireworks.

A rare fall festival in Japan
Safe Childbirth Festival

Yamanakako V. Map F-4 TEL:0555-62-3952

 Sep 4・5 
It is a fall festival of Yamanakasuwa-jinja Shrine held on Sep 4 and 5. This festival is said to have divine favor in impregnation and easy delivery. It is believed that women who have touched or carried the portable shrine are promised to have easy delivery.

Event to be given to the shrine as a Shinto ritual
Omuro Sengen-jinja Shrine Yabusame(Horseback Archery)Festival

Fujiyoshida C. Map E-2 TEL:0555-22-1025

 Sep 19 
This festival is held at Omuro Sengen-jinja Shrine in Shimoyoshida in fall. It is different from the horseback archery, which a person in hunting clothes shoots whistling arrows in order to practice martial arts. It is a rare Shinto ritual in Japan which performs “horseshoe fortune-telling”.

summer harvest festival!
Narusawa Harvesting Festival

Narusawa V. MapC-3 TEL:0555-85-3900

At this festival held in the harvest season of highland vegetables grown in Narusawa Village such as fresh corns, tomatoes, and cucumbers, visitors can sample vegetables for free. Also, fresh vegetables harvested early in the morning are available for purchase.

Symphony of Illumination in the forest
Yamanakako Art Illumination Fantasium

Yamanakako V. Map F-4 TEL:0555-62-5587

 Late Nov~Early Jan(Planned) 
When Lake Yamanakako is covered with snow, many people come together to create art illumination at Hana-no-miyako Park. Fantastic representation of lights can be enjoyed.

Fantastic festival, coloring the sky and the lake
Kawaguchiko Winter Fireworks & Mt. Fuji Day Fireworks

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map D-2 TEL:0555-72-3168

 Mid Jan~Late Feb(Planned) 
There are several firework displays between middle of Jan and end of Feb. Also, there is Mt. Fuji-Day fireworks on Feb 23.

Special feature of winter in Fuji five lakes area
Saiko Ice Festival

Fujikawaguchiko T. MapB-2 TEL:0555-82-2160

 Late Jan~Early Feb(Planned) 
The festival will be held from late Jan to early Feb, the ice-tree has the height of 10 meters. They are beautifully lightened up at night and the ice art creates unique atmosphere. Having a splendid Mt.Fuji as a background, visitors enjoy the ice-art made by the winter nature. Lightened up ice-trees is a must-see.

Fantastically light up the diamond Fuji
Yamanakako Diamond Fuji Weeks & Ice Candle Festival

Yamanakako V. Map G-4 TEL:0555-62-3100

 Feb 1~Feb 22 (Planned) 
In Feb, the magnificent view of the Diamond Fuji which the sun sinks behind the summit of Mt. Fuji and thousands of ice candles which decorate the waterside can be experienced at the lakeside.