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Downloading of Mt. Fuji, Fuji Five Lakes MAP is this

Relaxing with the beauty and aroma of herbs. Kawaguchiko Herb Hall・House of the Fragrance

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map D-2 TEL:0555-72-3082

It is a facility representing the town of herbs, Fujikawaguchiko City, located at the south side of Lake Kawaguchiko. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of herbs and hands-on classes. Aromatherapy can be received at the “House of the Fragrance”. Official site here

For blueberry jam making and blueberry picking Kawaguchiko Natural Living Center

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map D-2 TEL:0555-76-8230

It was built at the north side of Lake Kawaguchiko in Oishi Park for the purpose to promote agriculture of blueberry. Visitors can make jam and pick blueberries in summer. There is a cafe to enjoy blueberries. Official site here

A hand weaving classes to experience the textile technology developed in Kawaguchiko area. Oishi Tsumugi (Silk) Traditional Workshop

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map D-2 TEL:0555-76-7901

traditional handcraft center introduces a hand-woven pongee which has been handed down in the area since the Edo Period. There are looms displayed in the center, and traditional hand weaving can be observed. Official site here

Nostalgic thatched roofs Saiko Iyashi-no-sato Nenba

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map C-2 TEL:0555-20-4677

There are private houses with thatched roofs at the location beholding Mt. Fuji. Nostalgic original Japanese landscape spreads out. Fun places such as an experience-type facility, restaurants, and museum are in the area. It is a new sightseeing spot in Fujikawaguchiko Town. Official site here

Glass and ceramic workshop Kawaguchiko Craft Park

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map D-2 TEL:0555-20-4123

There are many different experience-type workshops such as “Tonbodama” glass ball, sandblasting, bottle art, and new stained glass in the park. Beginners are welcomed. You can take the ‘one-on-a-kind’ work home as a souvenir. Official site here

Enjoying the hand crafting technique. Fuji Katsuyama Bamboo Traditional Workshop

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map D-2 TEL:0555-83-2111

Visitors can observe the bamboo basket making which has been handed down in the area since the Edo Period. The basket, which have just completed is sold on the spot. They offer hands-on learning programs for elementary and junior high school students.

An atelier on “Karamatsu-no Moriji” Antov Workshop

Yamanakako V. MapG-4 TEL:0555-62-6151

There are various classes for visitors including ceramic art, glass art/sandblasting, stained glass, and Raku ware. Enjoy making relaxing memories in the quiet forest. Official site here

A workshop with the whole view of Mt. Fuji Craft House Dallas Village

Yamanakako V. MapG-4 TEL:0555-62-2774

Mold-blown glass, ceramic art, wire art, tile art, and kaleidoscope making can be experienced. Families and groups are welcomed. There is a barbeque restaurant with the entire view of Mt. Fuji. Official site here

Enjoy yourself to the full in nature Kawaguchiko Field Center

Fujikawaguchiko T. Map D-3 TEL:0555-72-4331

In the forty hectare of land, there is a walking trail to feel nature on your skin. Stroll along the trail and look for wild animals and plants and lava tree mold. They offer a class to make a glass paperweight with pressed flowers inside. Official site here